What’s Your Dream Car?

Remember when you were young and looking to get that first car. You looked around at the cars your friends had, you looked in the various car magazines and would put yourself behind the wheel of all the cars they featured.

I do. In fact, I can remember my grandmother and father asking me what kind of car I wanted for my High School graduation. I really wanted to get a powder blue Corvette with white interior, or a white Corvette with powder blue interior. They thought the price for one back then was a bit more than they wanted to spend and didn’t feel it was a good “first” car. So I got my “Black Beauty” instead, a black, 2 door 1962 Chevy Belair with blue vinyl seats, which I fell in love with real quick.

They were right, I am glad I got the car I did, but a girl has dreams and that Corvette was mine at the time. This is closest picture I could find as to what it would have looked like.



Chuck and I were lucky enough to own a 1973 Corvette and had loads of fun with it. We joined a Corvette Club, met a great bunch of people and did a variety of events. Shows, rally’s, low and high speed events. Plus we went to the Corvette Convention in Michigan. We also had a blast driving it cross country and were very sad when we had to sell it because it wouldn’t pass smog here in California.

The Bronco we got just didn’t cut it, so we started looking and got ourselves 1955 Chevy, and a 1963 Impala which we restored. Stupid us sold both when we moved. Should of kept them and sold the Bronco. If only we had a crystal ball back then to know what we know now.

So, what is my dream car today, well take a look at the beauty below, a 1953 Chrysler Imperial.

1953 Chyrsler Imperial

Though I will have to wait for a while until we finish with the 1977 Cougar we have right now. Along with the Imperial, we are also on the lookout for a 1976 Lincoln Town car, a Triumph TR6 or Spitfire, an MGA and possibly a Lotus for auto crossing or vintage racing. As you can see we have varied tastes.

So many cars, so little time!

So what is your dream car? Let us know!