The Meaning of Spring and Summer

Spring and Summer mean different things to many people. For some it means getting the garden ready for planting, for others they have spring cleaning on their minds, for many it’s time to start thinking about Summer vacation plans.

For many it is home improvement time, fixing lots of those things outside that we let go over the winter, painting, and a whole lot more. As all of us know, house repairs and improvements can take on a life of their own. Before we know it the Summer is gone and we are still working on them.

For those of us with a love of cars, it means taking the car cover off, taking it off the blocks it was on over the winter, or just taking it out of the garage. For those of us who are lucky enough to have a heated garage or live in a great year round climate, it means putting the finishing touches to it. For those of us who have procrastinated over the winter, putting it in gear to get it ready for the Spring and Summer shows and events; or just getting it ready.

For those of us who live or have lived in those parts of the country where snow is part of our winter, we can’t wait for Spring and Summer to arrive. We lived in upstate New York and once Spring arrived we couldn’t wait to get outside and just hoped that it meant no more snow. Usually by May, we were safe, although I do remember one year with a storm in early May.

However, once the nice weather arrived, in our case, many years back now, the Vette was taken out of storage and we started to get it back in shape. Lots of outdoor time with getting the little things fixed, fluids checked and filled, and maintenance work done before we got to the washing and waxing. I can remember spending the whole day cleaning the inside, washing it, waxing it and then going out to the local eatery and showing it off.

For the rest of you, it doesn’t matter, whether you have a hot rod, street rod, or just a driver, Spring getting here tells you, you need to get started. Even for those  who don’t show or do events, this is still, for many of you, your favorite time of year. Why, for the reasons talked about above, the washing and waxing and just being able to work on our cars.

Speaking of which it’s that time of  the year again to get out the bucket, the rags, and start cleaning up the car, for us before we we sold it, it meant our Cougar! We  would  be busy till late Fall, have a great Spring and Summer everyone! We will have our memories and our car mags to remind us of those wonderful times. Enjoy yours!