Photo Restoration Services

B1_200-x-271_small-March-1954Welcome to Cherished Photos Restored, at When Life Was Simpler, a digital photo restoration service. Cherished Photos Restored provides professional digital photo restoration services for your damaged color and black and white photographic prints, slides and negatives.

If you have a photo that is in need of restoration, and you are looking for it to receive the care, understanding of what it means to you and for someone who will give it the proper respect it deserves, give me a try.

A1_200-x-269_small-March-1954My restoration philosophy is to restore a photo to as close to the original (without the damage) as I can get it. I make every effort to stay true to your photo, thus preserving the memories and feelings the photo invokes.

I’m a baby boomer, and our generation is one of the last to record the passing of our lives in snapshots, slides, family pictures and albums. If you ask most folks what they would take in an emergency, after the obvious of family members and pets, the almost universal answer is family photos or albums followed by important documents.

B4_200-x-269_small-1956Over time, all of us suffer from the dimming of our memory. We can’t quite recall the faces of lost loved ones, pets and places that were dear to our hearts. This is what photo restoration is all about, the bringing of our memories back to life, not only for ourselves but to show future generations who came before them.

Enjoy a look around the Before and After posts, for an idea of the types of photos, and the damage that may be restorable.


A4_200-x-269_small-1956Hopefully this will help you understand that no photo should be considered un-restorable until the image has been examined by a competent restorer. You’ll be surprised at what can be done today.