Restoration Fees

Below are the prices I charge for both restoration and enhancement without restoration. I believe you will find them quite reasonable. Prices do not include return shipping costs. I use USPS Priority Mail for all of my shipping requirements.

Image Restoration and Enhancement Pricing

Minor Restoration – is required to repair damages such as minor scratches or spots, red eye and blemish removal, slight adjustments to color and overall appearance. Cosmetic adjustments required to repair or enhance minor facial features.

  • Remove minor stains
  • Remove minor dust or scratches
  • Remove “red eye”
  • Repair minor crack, creases or tears
  • Repair slight fading/discoloration

Price $20.00

Moderate Restoration – is determined when repairs are necessary to fix moderate scratches or surface cracking, areas of surface is torn, damaged or missing.  Requires additional attention. Existence of moderate mold or water damage or major color correction or image enhancement is required.

  • Repair moderate discoloration/fading
  • Repair damaged/missing edges
  • Remove moderate scratches/tears
  • Repair moderate water damage
  • Repair creases and partially torn photos – (with no missing pieces)
  • Repair background

Price $45.00

Severe Restoration – is determined when the photo is in very bad condition requiring extensive repair. Photo is missing subject detail or significantly damaged to the surface, severe mold and or water damage, numerous scratches and or cracking.  Photo is severely faded, yellowed or stained including water, fire and/or smoke damaged.

  • Repair severe discoloration/fading
  • Repair severely damaged edges/tears
  • Repair extreme creases and torn photos with missing elements
  • Repair or add background
  • Repair severe stains or photos stuck to glass
  • Reconstruct facial damage

Price Minimum $95.00, exact price by Quote Only.

Please see the How To Get A Price Quote For Severely Damaged Images page.


Image Enhancement Without Restoration Pricing

Photo Enhancement – While the enhancement of a photograph is included in my general restoration service and cost, on occasion this may be all that is required to return a photograph to its original beauty. This process without restoration is less expensive and can restore faded and discolored images if restoration is not required.

  • No Restoration or Retouching Included
  • Scan image with color correction
  • Color balance adjusted
  • Tonality Adjusted
  • Color or B&W images
  • Upload finished images

Minor fading and discoloration $10.00

Moderate fading and discoloration $20.00

Severe fading and discoloration $30.00


Understanding Color Issues

When bringing back the color to faded images, most expectation of color is subjective. What one person calls cherry red, someone else calls orange.  What color is on your screen and what color comes out on your printed image may be different.  It is rare to achieve the exact color you remember.  There are many reasons why coloring in a photo is subjective.  Foe example, there is the influence of the color lighting in a studio or outdoors, even the color of the clothing worn effects the coloring of the skin or eyes.  The objective to coloring these types of photos are to be able to display again, not necessarily to match your remembrance or obtain perfect skin or eye color.  While the greatest care is taken to approach as close as possible the original color, in truth, it is rarely achieved. However, the essence of the person is still captured.