FAQs Restoration Fees

How much do you charge for your restoration services?

Please see my Pricing Page for current fees. For severely damaged images, I will need to see the photo before I can quote you a firm price. Please see the How To Get A Price Quote For Severely Damaged Images page.

The restoration of every photo is different. For severely damaged images I need to examine the original before I can give you a specific quote. I will give you a fixed price based on how long my experience tells me it will take to do the restoration. The restorations I’ve done so far have taken as little as one hour or as long as forty five.

Generally, restoration of color photographs doesn’t cost much more than restoring Black and White ones. The size of the original, up to a point, also has little effect on the price.

Fixing faded colors and tonal values is usually less expensive than repairing physical damage. Doing that type of restoration may take only a couple of hours or less, while repairing a badly-scratched or torn photo can take five to ten hours. Really extensive damage can take dozens of hours to repair. The more damaged the image, the more hours it takes, the more I charge.

For severely damaged images I charge a fixed sum based on my current rate of $35/hour. If the restoration takes longer then I estimated, that’s my problem. I won’t ever come back to you and ask for an additional fee.

Do you offer discounts for multiple restorations?

While I never say never, it would be unlikely since each image is worked upon separately. Each has its own time to completion and there is really no good way to apply bulk changes across images due to the differing amount and placement of damage in an image.

For images that fall into level one or two restorations, or enhancements without restoration, I may be willing to quote you a bulk price.

That said, I would encourage you to contact me to discuss your situation. Since I am now semi-retired, I no longer do large scale commissioned work, since it tends to be quite time consuming. Also since I volunteer my time for Operation Photo Rescue I do not like to commit myself to large hours on bulk projects. But again, drop me an email and we can talk about it.

How can I pay for your services?

You can forward payment by personal check. You can also use a bank or credit union check, a bank or postal money order, or a certified check, but that’s really not necessary. I don’t wait to begin work until your personal checks clears. In 30 plus years in business, I have only received one bad check and that was corrected quickly. I think that speaks volumes as to the integrity of the folks I do business with.

You can also pay for some restorations by debit or credit card through PayPal.

There is no charge for providing you with a quote. If you find the price that I give you acceptable, then you will need to forward the agreed upon payment for work to begin. I do require payment in full up front, but I guarantee my work 100%. You will be satisfied or I will refund every penny you’ve paid me.

Do you send out invoices?

I doubt it. I’ve always hated the hassle of billing and invoicing. Now that I’m semi-retired, I don’t have to that any more. Again, I never say never, but it would take an extraordinary set of circumstances for me to do so. Sorry.

How can I be sure I’ll be happy with the results?

I guarantee all of my work 100%. It’s very simple, if I can’t give you a restoration that makes you happy, I’ll refund your money.

Upon completion of the restoration, I’ll send you a proof copy of the image for your examination and approval. If you accept the restoration, I’ll send you back your original, along with the CD with the finished master files and an inkjet print. If you’re not satisfied, I will do everything in my power to fix what you don’t like or return your money and original.

Your approval of the proof copy constitutes your acceptance of the restoration. There are no refunds after that.

Are you insured?

No I am not. Providing coverage for unique originals known to be in a fragile, damaged or deteriorated state would be extremely expensive and would have a very large (upward) affect upon the fees I charge. While I have not lost or damaged a customer’s material, the unexpected does sometimes happen. There is no way I can provide you with any warranty or guarantee that your original won’t be the first to have the roof cave in right on your material.

In sum, if you want me to restore your image, you send me your originals entirely at your own risk. I am not responsible for any direct or consequential damages, either in shipping or while in my care. By sending me your material for restoration you acknowledge and accept this condition.

There are alternative approaches that can be used if necessary. See What can I do if my original is too fragile or valuable to mail? On the How To Get A Quote page.

I have more questions, how can I contact you?

You can send me an email: Email