Who’s Behind The Curtain

Hi, we’re Chuck and Sue. Welcome to our world!

We’re semi-retired, children of the 50s and 60s, who love old cars, old music, fifties diners, going to car shows and events. Back in our hey day we raced Corvettes, and restored old cars.

Today we occupy our time with our photography, transferring our vinyl collection to CD, our tape collection to CD, and restoring all of our photos, and turning them into slideshows.

We say semi-retired because we are continuing to do what we love, customized multimedia slideshows and photo restoration for clients as time allows. We’re just not maintaining multiple web sites any longer. We’d rather use that time for our own projects and yours.

The Wonders Of Time Travel

Are you old enough like us to remember, or young enough to wonder, what things were like “back then”? Well join us on a wondrous journey of discovery or remembrance. When Life Was Simpler is like that car trip you used to take as a kid. All those wonderful sites to see along the way, roadside stands, attractions like alligator wrestling, remember those? We do.

We hope you’ll join us in a journey back to simpler times and in our opinion, better times. Times that were more honest, when people seemed to care more about their neighbors, heck, when you knew your neighbors. When you actually had time on weekends to BBQ, go fishing and more with your family. When you didn’t have to schedule doing fun things with your family. When the family sat down every night for dinner together. When meals were home cooked, not take out. When there weren’t all the quick paced pressures of today. When the family sat down and watched TV, or even earlier, listened to the radio together. When families acted like families and kids were free to just be kids.

We hope this blog will take you back to those simpler times. A time when your kids could go out to play without fear, when politeness was the norm, when it seemed as if folks had more manners and patience, when the term gang meant your friends, not crime associates. There was a camaraderie among us. We all had the same dreams for our future: the home, the job, the kids, retirement and the time to enjoy them.

If you stick around here with us, you’ll learn that we are not always politically correct and tend to be very opinionated about many things. We don’t pull any punches, what you see with us is what you get.

We can be very old fashioned in some things and set in our ways on many others. There are times when we say to each other we wish we had a time machine, as society and the country today aren’t the America we grew up in.

While we know we can’t really go back, we can certainly enjoy reliving those times and the memories they conjure up.

Remember those times, we do and our goal is to help bring those back to life for you and yours.

Why not join us for a wondrous trip to the past and simpler times to recapture some of that which has been lost!